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1) Transformation at a Wedding
     In the context of this narrative, Jesus is early in His ministry.  He has five disciples with Him and they are invited to a wedding.  Wedding feasts, in Jesus' day, lasted several days.  The bridegroom and his family are to provide the food and drink.  But then there arose a problem.

I.    The problem - they ran out of wine - an embarrassment.

II.  Mary's solution.
      A) Jesus do something.
      B) She wanted Him to declare His divine credentials.
      C) It was "not His hour" - vs. 4
      D) Whatever He says to do, do it.

III. Jesus' solution.
      A) They fill six pots with water (about 90-100 gallons) - vs. 7
      B) They drip the water and take it to the master of the feast - vs. 8
      C) As they go, water is transformed - vs. 9

IV. The results.
      A) Guests are furnished - vs. 16
      B) Jesus manifests His glory - vs. 11
      C) The disciples believed in Him - vs. 11
V.  The lessons.
      A) Transformation is a divine work with our cooperation.
      B) Christ can minister to any problem.
      C) The glory is all His.
      D) He saves the best for last.

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