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2) Standing on His Word
     There are seven miracles of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  We have already dealt with the first one and today we will look at the second one.  It is not uncommon for many to believe after seeing the miraculous, but is  that belief of the best kind?

I.   The story - John 4:46-54
      A) A nobleman begs Jesus' healing.
      B) Jesus does it from long distance.
      C) The nobleman gets confirmation the next day.
II.  The purpose of John's gospel - John 20:30,31
      A) That you many believe Jesus is the Christ and that you may have life in His name.
      B) John wants you to believe without seeing - John 20:29
      C) He wants us to stand on Christ's Word.

III. The application of this miracle.
      A) It happened in Cana - Jesus avoided Nazareth coming from Sychar in Samaria.
      B) The Samaritans believe by hearing Christ's Word - John 4:39-42
      C) Contrast of the appearance of Jesus and the nobleman.
      D) The purpose of a sign is to produce faith,but the best faith is not based on signs.
           The nobleman thought Jesus had to be present.  
      E) Christ speaks the promise - John 4:50 - There is life in His Word.
      F) The nobleman believes - John 4:51-53
           1) He takes his time going home, a 16 mile trek.
           2) Servants meet him the next day nearing and he is confirmed of the hour.
           3) His whole household believes.

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