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3) Healing the Worst
     We come to the third miracle of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  Jesus is in Jerusalem during a feast early in His ministry and, according to the narrative, it is Sabbath.  He is just north of the temple near the pools of Bethesda.  A multitude of sick and afflicted people are gathered there because of the common belief that an angel would stir the waters and the first one in would be healed.

I.    Jesus observes the worst of the sufferers.
      A) His condition had been 38 years.
      B) A sinful lifestyle led him to his condition - Pharisee theology.
      C) There was a "me first" situation.

II.  Jesus heals the worst.
      A) He heals without requesting the man's faith.
      B) He heals by His word, not touch.
      C) He heals despite the man's sinful lifestyle had caused his affliction.
      D) The man acts on Christ's word - "Take up your bed and walk."
      E) Jesus is demonstrating His Messiahship and divinity as the author of life.

III. Jesus faces criticism for the healing.
      A) Just the act of healing on the Sabbath was outlawed.
      B) Jesus knows it is considered unlawful to carry one's bed.
      C) Jesus is a Sabbath reformer,not a Sabbath breaker.

IV. Jesus' final warning - John 5:14; 2 Peter 2:20-22

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