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4) Bread and Water
     We study today the fourth miracle of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  John 6 seems to record two separate miracles, but, in fact, they are related.  Both are miracles in nature involving bread and water.  Many followed Jesus because of His miracles (John 6:2).

I.    Jesus was seeking to teach a greater truth.
      A) He tests Phillip's faith - vss. 5,6
      B) He takes whatever is available, however limited and uses it for His purposes. 
           1) Andrew introduces a boy's lunch
           2) Jesus multiplies it and has some left over
      C) He takes, He gives thanks, He brakes, He distributes.
      D) Jesus is giving "new manna."
      E) He is revealing His divinity.

II.  The people want to free Jesus to be king.
      A) Moses brought manna, new Jesus brings bread.
      B) Jesus must be the one Moses predicted to come - Deuteronomy 18:15
      C) Jesus would not allow them to make Him king.

III. Jesus gives another truth to His disciples - John 6:16-21
      A) The disciples are in a a storm.
      B) Jesus walks on the sea and the disciples are frightened.  
      C) He cries out "ego eimi" - a name of God.
      D) When He gets in the boat the wind ceases and they are at land.
      E) Jesus explains the spiritual nature of the bread.
      F) Many follow Him no more - John 6:66
      G) The disciples believe He is the Son of God and has the words of eternal life - John 6:67-69

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