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5) Was Blind, But Now I See
     The passage for today is a key story in the ministry of Jesus.   He has been ministering for three years and in six months He will be crucified.  Here is recorded the fifth miracle of Jesus in John and this one is distinguished by His intent.  He knows that what He will do will create controversy and, yet, it will have a positive outcome.

I.   The situation - vss. 1-5
     A) Jesus passes by.
     B) Blindness caused by the affects of sin.
     C) The blindness is so the "work of God" can be revealed.

II.  The unique healing - vss. 6,7
      A) Jesus makes mud and puts it on his eyes.
      B) Go wash in the pool of Siloam - 1300 yards away (3/4 mile).
      C) The pool was used for ceremonial waters for the feast of Tabernacles.
      D) The waters heal at the command of Jesus.  His presence is not necessary.

III. The conflict - vss. 8-34
       A) It is Sabbath and the second time Jesus heals on Sabbath - vs. 14
       B) A theological dilemma - How does someone who breaks the Sabbath
            heal blindness? - vs. 16
       C) The Pharisees used threats to control those who would follow Jesus - vs. 22
       D) The testimony of the healed blind man reveals the unbelief and hypocrisy
            of the Pharisees - vss. 24-33

IV. The lessons - vss. 35-41
       A) Jesus seeks people to believe in Him - vss. 35-38
       B) Jesus seeks to heal the infection and affect of sin.
       C) The miracle is a judgment - it divides believers from unbelievers.  Those who cannot
            see begin to see and those who claim to see are blinded - vss. 39-41

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