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6) God of the Living and the Dead
     Today's story tells of Jesus' crowning miracle of His ministry.  He knows of the bitter hatred of Him by His enemies and their opposition to His ministry.  Yet, He knows that there will be a greater good to come out of this event.

I.   Jesus tarries for a purpose - John 1:1-7
     A) A test of faith for the sisters and His disciples.
     B) It was to demonstrate His divinity - He is the Son of God.
     C) To cause His disciples to have complete trust in Him.
     D) If Jesus had been present, death would never have occurred.  But this miracle showed
          His power over death and the devil.
     E) In Jewish thought a person dead four days could not be revived.  This one miracle that
          could not be denied by His enemies.

II. The Miracle - John 11:23-44
     A) Jesus states the reality of who He is - vss. 23-26
     B) He asks for human cooperation - vs. 39
     C) A resurrection occurs because in Jesus is life unborrowed and underived.
     D) "Loose Him and let Him go!" - don't let people crawl out of their mess alone, assist them - vs. 44

III. The results
       A) Lazarus is feasting - John 12:1,2
       B) Lazarus is a living witness - vss. 9-11

IV.  The Lessons
       A) Jesus cares about our sorrows for it is then He is closest to us.
       B) There is nothing that Jesus cannot defeat, except an unbelieving heart.
       C) The person who trusts in Jesus is victorious even in death.


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