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7) Miracle of Acceptance and Mission
     This is the seventh and last miracle of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  It is probably the most significant miracle because of what it communicated to the disciples.

I.   The Setting
     A) Seven disciples are involved - vs. 2
     B) The disciples abandoned Jesus at His arrest.  Peter denied knowing Him.
     C) They follow Jesus' instructions and go to Galilee to meet Him.  Matthew 28:10
     D) Going fishing was to replenish depleted funds.
     E) They catch nothing all night - vs. 3 - Reminiscent of Luke 5:4-6

II. The Miracle
     A) Jesus appears on the shore - vs. 4
     B) Jesus tells them to throw the net on the right side - vs. 6
     C) They catch an abundance of fish, not just a few.  Luke 5:4-6
     D) It is the third time Jesus appears to His disciples - vs. 14

III. The Lessons
      A) Jesus' appearance is His acceptance of them in spite of their abandonment of Him.  It is a revelation of
           the heart of God.
      B) To cast the net on the right side was a test of faith.  Humanity is to unite in cooperation with the divine.
      C) The abundant catch is Jesus' commission of His disciples to be fishers of men.  
           The Desire of Ages p. 811
      D) 153 fish - "Fishers of Men" in Hebrew = 153
      E) Jesus accepts us even when we disappoint Him and He is commissioning us to be fishers of men.

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