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2) Trial By Fire
     The crucial element of the Elijah message is that it creates the atmosphere for decision.  As we pick up the story from last week in 1 Kings 18, Elijah raises a challenging question in vs. 21.

I.  The challenge - 1 Kings 18:21
     A) It is either/or.  It's Jehovah or Baal, not Jehovah and Baal.
     B) No decision or avoiding a decision is making a decision.
     C) A test is proposed as to which sacrifice will be accepted.  vss.22-24  Similar to Cain and Abel.

II. The worship of Baal and their prophets.  vss.25-29
     A) Sincerity doesn't help.
     B) The goddess of fertility could not relieve the drought and the god of the sun could not bring fire.  
          Prophets & Kings pp. 150,151
     C) Vain worship - they shouted, they leaped, they cut themselves, they prophesied and Elijah mocked them with sarcasm.
     D) No response - vs. 2

III. Elijah's worship - vss. 30-39
      A) He repairs a broken down Jehovah altar using 12 stones.  vss. 30,31
      B) The altar represents Calvary.  John 12:31-33Patriarchs & Prophets pp. 68-70
      C) Seeing our accountability at the foot of the cross brings the fear of the Lord.
      D) The cross is what unifies God's people, even when Israel was divided.
      E) To lead people to revival and reformation, that path leads to the cross.
      F) Obedience is the result of the forgiven.


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