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7) Do You Fear God?
     The last day Elijah Message after proclaiming the gospel gives its first counsel, "Fear God."  The fear of the Lord does two things.  First, it keeps you humble by recognizing the overwhelming power and presence of God.  Second, it gives you confidence to come close to Him and trust Him.  This fear of the Lord is not natural to us.

I.  The beginning of wisdom - Proverbs 3:5-8; Psalm 111:10
     - Only a converted person can understand this - Luke 8:35
     - Adam and Eve coming from the Creator's hand possessed the fear of the Lord.  They saw Him as a benevolent Creator and acknowledged His authority.  There is discernment.

II. The fear of the Lord brings accountability - Luke 23:40

III. It brings awe and reverence before God - Psalm 33:8,9  We begin to recognize Him for who He is, Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer.

IV. The fear of the Lord provides for our needs - Psalm 34:9; Matthew 6:33; Psalm 37:3,4  Even physical and emotional health.

V. The fear of the Lord leads to obedience - Ecclesiastes 12:13,14

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