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11) Worship in Spirit and Truth
     Today we come to the final part of the first angel's message, "worship Him."  Worship is in the imperative mood and should be translated, "you all start worshiping Him."

     Over the past 25-30 years the SDA Church have had brisk discussions about the form of worship.  But the form of worship is not the focus of this command.  Worship in this context is about the Creator and His relationship with those He seeks to redeem.  Our Scripture reading for today gives us the essence of worship in the words of Jesus.  John 4:19-24

I.   Worshipping in spirit and truth is devotion for who He is.
      A) He claims us by creation and redemption.  Exodus 20:2
      B) Jesus was the clearest manifestation of the character of God.  John 1:14; Psalm 85:9,10; Exodus 34:6

II.  Worshipping in spirit and truth is to surrender to His will.  Matthew 7:21; Matthew 21:28-32  Authenticity - Romans 12:1  A heart engaged - Psalm 119:37; Psalm 86:11

III. Worshipping in spirit and truth comes from the God who is seeking worshipers.  John 4:23,24.  When He commands us in Revelation 14:7 to "worship Him", it is because He is seeking us and drawing us.  John 12:32

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