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12) Adam's Mother's Birthday
     Today we deal with the portion of the Elijah message in the first angel's message, "worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea, and the springs of water" and in the context of proclaiming the everlasting gospel, people of "every nation, tribe, tongue, and people" are called upon to "worship Him who made."

I.  The origins of worship come from the creation story.  Genesis 1
     A) God creates time - a day, a month, and a year
     B) The progression of creation leads to His crowning work, man
     C) He creates man from mother earth - Genesis 2:7
     D) He creates man in His own image - Genesis 1:26,27
     E) It was very good - Genesis 1:31

II. God creates a week to establish worship.
     A) Christ makes something abstract, the 7th day of the week, holy.  Genesis 2:1-3  How we relate to it is different from the other six days.
     B) The Sabbath was established for man, though it is described as God's holy day.
     C) The Sabbath and marriage were established before the entrance of sin, thus indicating God's intent that it should be a constant means for man and their Creator to be connected.
     D) Evolution and idolatry would never had been considered if Sabbath was observed.

III. The implications of Sabbath rest and worship.
      A) The Sabbath represents the first 4 commandments.  Marriage represents the last six.
      B) They are both the only positive commands and are found in the heart of the law.
      C) The Sabbath is based on a finished work in creation and redemption.  He completed the work of creation on the 6th day and rested the 7th.  We were reconciled on the 6th day and Christ rested on the 7th.

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