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14) Clues Regarding Babylon
     The last day Elijah message, here in Revelation 14, now turns to a second angel in verse 8.  It declares the apostasy of Babylon.  The fall of Babylon is continuous, ongoing.  It makes all nations drink and they drink the wine of it's impurity and drinking the wine brings wrath.  But what is Babylon here in Revelation 14?  This is the first time that Babylon is used in Revelation.  We find our clues from the Old Testament, especially the book of Daniel.

I.   Babylon borrowed from the Old Testament.  Daniel 1:1,2
     A) Babylon is the enemy of God's covenant keeping people of God.
     B) Babylon seeks to re-orient God's people.
     C) Babylon desecrates the sanctuary taking sacred vessels.

II. Babylon is intolerant in enforcing false worship on pain of death.  (Daniel 3)

III. God warns Babylon by giving revelations of His character.
      A) His blessing (Daniel 1)
      B) His sovereignty (Daniel 2)
      C) His power to deliver (Daniel 3)
      D) His correction (Daniel 4)
      E) His judgment (Daniel 5)

IV. The fall of Babylon occurs at the height of it's apostasy - Daniel 5

V.  Babylon's fall at the hand of a champion from the East who dries up the river Euphrates.  Isaiah 44:24-45:1

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