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15) Tale of Two Cities
     In our last study we got clues to the identity of Babylon from the Old Testament.  We will now extend our understanding of Babylon in the book of Revelation by seeing it in contrast to Jerusalem.  And you will notice in Revelation 14:8 that Babylon is referred to as "she made all nations drink."

     But is Babylon a literal city located in the Middle East?  Babylon is in ruins and no longer exists.

I.   Babylon is contrasted with Jerusalem.
     A) Babylon is not literal and neither is Jerusalem.
     B) Babylon is world-wide, therefore Jerusalem is viewed as world-wide.
     C) Both are symbolized as women

Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2)                                     Babylon (Revelation 18:4)
Pure Woman (Revelation 12:1)                                 Impure Woman (a harlot)(Revelation 17:1,2)
Israel (Revelation 7)(144,000 & Great Multitude)          All nations (Revelation 14:8)

II.   Jerusalem                                             Babylon
      Faithful to God's Covenant                    Compromise
      True gospel                                         False gospel
      Obedience motivated by love                Allegiance by force & deceit
      Manifest the character of God               Manifests the character of Satan
      Victorious                                           Destroyed

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