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16) The Fall of Babylon
     The fall of Babylon does not occur in one incident.  It occurs over several steps.  It is through the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:12,13) that believers can be led into apostasy.  Spiritual Babylon is the same way, it is in progressive steps that lead away from the Lord and His Word.

I.  Apostasy by Constantine - He tried to unite his empire by combining paganism with Christianity.  Pagan rites mixed with Christian doctrine.  There is also a separation of Judaism and Christianity.  He moved his throne from Rome to Turkey and left Rome to the Bishop of Rome.

II.  Church governance became hierarchical with the final authority in the bishop of Rome.  It became oppressive.

III. There was the failure of the Protestant Reformation to carry forward its beginning of reform.
       A) There is a failure to see the gospel of righteousness by faith as the key to understanding Scripture.
       B) There is a loss of Old Testament perspective in reading and interpreting the New Testament.

IV. There are two key deceptive doctrines - 1) Sunday observance; 2) the immortality of the soul.

V. Babylon's complete fall is in Revelation 16:12-14.
     A) Three frogs from the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.  A counterfeit trinity - they deceive by lying miracles.
     B) Drying up the Euphrates.
     C) Nations that are drunk with the wine of her fornication withdraw their support and Babylon falls before the King of the East.

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