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17) The Wine of Babylon
     Today's message is of vital importance to understand.  Babylon's influence is pervasive.  She makes all nations drink of her wine.  Revelation 17:5 describes Babylon as an impure woman who is the mother of harlots.  It is crucial to see the wine of Babylon in contrast to the everlasting gospel in Revelation 14:6.  The wine of Babylon is based on a counterfeit gospel, a counterfeit that lies close to the true.

I.   Question of authority
     A) Three cardinal truths - 1) Scripture alone; 2) Justification by faith alone; 3) Priesthood of all believers.
     B) Babylon accepts the authority of Scripture as interpreted by tradition.  Tradition is an equal authority with Scripture - Council of Trent
     C) Examples of interpreting Scripture by tradition
         1) Creation vs. Evolution
         2) Sabbath vs. Sunday

II.  Question of Justification by faith
Protestant Reformation                                             Catholicism
1) to declare righteous                                              1) to make righteous
2) to reckon righteous by what Jesus did                2) to make righteous by the Holy Spirit 
    alone                                                                            infusing the righteous life of Jesus
                                                                                         in the believer (transubstantiation)           
3) by grace alone, through faith alone, in                3) by grace, through faith, in Christ 
    Christ alone                                                                dispensed by the church                   
4) Good works are the fruit of justification,             4) good works and new birth are meritorious
     but have no merit
5) Distinct, but never separate                                5) No distinction - blur the work of Christ

III. Two erroneous doctrines
       A) Immortality of the soul - the righteousness of Jesus and eternal life in the believer.
       B) Sunday sacredness - emphasis of the work of the Holy Spirit in new birth, resurrection, and Pentecost with spiritual gifts.


Salvation is This:                                 Salvation is Not by This, But Never Without This

Right Standing                                    Right State
Acceptance of Christ's                      Acceptance of the Holy Spirit's
     Work for Me                                      Work in Me
Root                                                     Fruit
Justification                                        Sanctification
Done                                                   Do
Without Our Effort                              Through Our Cooperation With the Holy Spirit

Our Title                                              Our Fitness
Moment                                               Lifetime
Forgiveness of Sins                          Obedience
Christ Our Substitute                         Christ Our Example
Gospel                                                Law
Good News                                        Good Advice
Faith                                                    Works
Righteousness of Faith                     Righteousness of the Law
Declared Righteous                          Reflect Righteousness
Complete and Perfect                       Incomplete and Imperfect Until Glorification

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