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18) Come Out of Babylon
     In this text some of God's people are described as being in Babylon.  For that reason we should not be critical of others in various denominations.  It is similar to Daniel and his companions who are taken captive to Babylon.  But after 70 years of captivity they were given permission to leave.  Some did not.  In the context of Revelation 18 the invitation to "come out of Babylon" is God's loving and merciful call separate from it.  He is not willing any should perish, but all should come to repentance.

I.   Why should people come out of Babylon?
      A) Because of her errors - a distortion of the gospel that leads to a multitude of errors and error never sanctifies.  John 17:17
      B) Because of her sins.  Don't be partakers of her sins.  Revelation 18:4
           1) She is deceptive - "she makes all nations drink" of her impurities.
           2) She is filled with arrogance and pride.  Revelation 18:7; 1 Corinthians 10:12; Proverbs 16:18; Daniel 5:22,23
      C) Because of the judgments of Babylon - she will receive plagues because she is irreformable.  Her apostasy is ongoing.

II.  Despite Babylon's influence the earth will be lightened with glory - Revelation 18:1
      A) It is the glory of the messenger (angel) - a reflection of the character of God.
      B) The latter rain will empower the witness - Matthew 24:14.  Centered in the cross.  Galatians 6:14
      C) It will infuriate the devil and he will persecute - Revelation 12:13,17
      D) The latter rain will give the spiritual strength to withstand Satan's attacks.

III. God's merciful call out of Babylon will break the indifference of Laodicea by the witness of justification by faith.  Gospel Workers p. 161
      A) Laodicea cannot remain indifferent and be saved.
      B) We must see our nothingness before the glory of God - like Isaiah.
      C) The message will humble some and harden others.


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