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19) The Beast of Revelation 13
     Today we begin a study on the third angel's message in Revelation 14:9-12.  The three messages of Revelation 14 are the response to the description and activity of the beast in Revelation 13.  The fall of Babylon described in the second angel's message leads to the worship of the beast (which is idolatry) and in receiving the mark of the beast.  So we must begin by examining Revelation 13.

I.   The description of the beast.
     A) It rises out of the sea - Revelation 17:15 represents people.
     B) It has 7 heads and 10 horns and a crown on each horn - a progression of Revelation 12:3.  The crowns are diadems that Christ possesses - Revelation 19:12.
     C) The heads have blasphemous name - a claim of divinity.
     D) A body of a leopard, feet as a bear, mouth as a lion - a reference to Daniel 7, but the beasts are in reverse order.
     E) The dragon gave the beast its power, throne, and authority.

II.  The beast is a counterfeit Christ.
      A) Christ receives power (1 Timothy 6:16), throne (Revelation 5:6), and authority (Matthew 28:18)
      B) To usurp this is blasphemous - John 10:33; Mark 2:7
      C) "Who is like the beast?" (Revelation 13:4) - a parody of Exodus 15:11 and of Michael
      D) Works for 1260 days (42 months) - Christ ministered for 1260 days
      E) A deadly wound is healed (vs.3) - it mirrors the death and resurrection of Jesus.
          1) Even in counterfeiting it reflects the elements of our redemption
          2) The beast attempts to reenact the unrepeatable act of redemption through the mass
              and transubstantiation.  Jesus died once for all.
          3) Counterfeit religion blends what should be distinct.  This is the wine of Babylon.  Wherever the essence of the gospel is lost, men minimize justification by faith, and magnify sanctification, as though the work of the Spirit could ever equal the merits of Christ.  

III. There is a counterfeit trinity in Revelation 13.
       A) Dragon - devil; Beast - false Christ; Lamb-like beast - false prophet.  Jesus warned of false christs and false prophets.  Matthew 24:24
            There is a recurring theme from the churches of Balaam and Jezebel.  Balaam represents a false prophet - a lie in truth's clothing.  Jezebel represents a false religion.  One is from within and the other from without.  It sought to destroy God's people before they entered the promised land.
       B) They blaspheme the name, tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.
            1) They possess a counterfeit law - a man made law
            2) They enforce a counterfeit worship with counterfeit signs, a counterfeit mark, and a counterfeit number


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