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21) The Beast's Mark

     The Bible gives an awesome warning regarding worshipping the Beast and receiving his mark.  To do so is to receive God's wrath.  It is the ultimate of apostasy.  The 2nd Angel's message calls people out of Babylon.  The people who remain in it are led to this ultimate apostasy.  This is the final conflict and we can not make light of it.  To understand it all we must see the Beast in contrast to the Lamb and th mark in contrast to the seal.

I.   The beast is a counterfeit of Christ.
     A) He receives a mortal wound and is healed.  Revelation 13:3
     B) He usurps Christ's name, position, and authority.  Revelation 13:2
     C) He claims the right to forgive sin.
     D) He distorts the gospel by denying the reckoning of righteousness in favor of a righteousness within the believer by the Holy Spirit.
     E) He changes the 4th commandment to the 1st day based on the work of the Holy Spirit.

II.  There is a confederacy between the dragon, the beast, and 2 horned beast.

III. Deception and calamity will bring about a willingness for Sunday observance.  
      The Great Controversy  pp. 588,624

IV. The mark of the beast is a future event when a counterfeit day of worship, Sunday, is enforced by law.  Revelation 13:15-17
      A) The mark is in the forehead or the right hand as a matter of conviction or compromise.
      B) The Sabbath as God's seal points to the finished work of Christ, so Sunday sacredness points to the unfinished work of the Holy Spirit.

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