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22) The Deliverance of the Plagues
     I have always been intrigued with the study of the 7 last plagues.  But the study has also brought questions to my mind.  What is the purpose of the plagues?  They certainly don't change the minds of those who receive them.  So what do they accomplish?

I.   Revelation of divine wrath.  Revelation 14:10
     A) God does what He says He will do.
     B) His wrath is always directed toward sin.
     C) They do come from heaven.  Revelation 16:1
     D) They are not universal.  The Great Controversy p. 628

II. The plagues reveal the real nature of the devil and evil.
     A) The unrepentant realize they are fighting against God, but refuse to repent.  Revelation 16:8,9
     B) The devil's attitude toward Christ at Calvary is the same spirit during the plagues.  As willingness to die for another (John 15:13), so the intent to take another's life marks the ultimate degree of hatred.  Patriarchs & Prophets pp. 69,70

III. The plagues demonstrate you reap what you sow.  Galatians 6:7
       Those who receive the mark of the beast receive a mark in their flesh, a terrible sore.  Those who have condemned the saints and ordered their blood be shed, now have blood to drink.  Those who have refused the light of the gospel find that the sun now scorches them before they are condemned to walk in darkness.

IV. The plagues are consistent with the redemptive history of God delivering His people from Egypt.
      A) God's people protected in Egypt and in the 7 last plagues.  Egyptian priests counterfeit the first 3, but
           not the last 7.
      B) The pillar of cloud between Egypt and God's people.
      C) Drying the Euphrates & the kings of the east.
      D) Only those covered by the blood.

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