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2) Courage in Times of Distress
    The story of Desmond Doss during WW II is an inspiring story of one man risking his life to save many others in a very dangerous situation.  The story of Esther in our Scripture is similar.  After hearing such stories, it is hard for me to imagine why some people say that Christianity is for wimps and weaklings.  
Great Controversy p. 249 - What gave Latimer the courage to be a martyr?  Was it because he was a wimp or weakling?

I.  It takes courage to become a Christian.  Luke 9:23
       1) There is courage to admit your sins
       2) There is courage to admit your need of a Savior
       3) There is courage to admit your dependence on grace
    You find courage when you face your fears - Diving off the high board & Sabbath test
    You find courage when you surround yourself with good models - 1 Corinthians 15:33
    You find courage when you allow transformation - Romans 12:2

II. Courage comes from understanding your position in Christ.  Romans 8:31,32,28; Psalm 23:4
    Without assurance in Christ we won't stand in any conflict.

III. Courage comes from a commitment to do what is right.  Daniel 3:17,18; Esther 4:15-17 



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