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He Will Draw All Men
 He Will Draw All Men - John 12:32

We don't normally think of the birth of Jesus as an event that would draw all men.  The term "lifted up" in John always refers to the
crucifixion and as believers today we can see in hindsight the drawing power of the cross of Christ.  But the reading of the details
of Christ's birth also illustrates the drawing power of Jesus.

I.  The Shepherds - Luke 2:8-18
    A.) The angel announces the birth of the Savior - Christ the Lord 1) Savior - His mission 2) Christ - His Identity 
          3) Lord - His sovereign 
    B.) Shepherds are the lowest social class of the Hebrews, yet God brings the birth announcement to them.

II.  Simeon & Anna - Luke 2:25-38
    A.) This child will cause the falling and rising of many in Israel vs. 34
    B.) Anna affirms the child's mission - to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem - vs. 38

III.  Wise Men from the east - Mt. 2:1,2
     A.) Gentile men following a star - Gentiles seeking the Messiah.  Isa. 11:10-12
     B.) The slaughter of the innocents - Mt. 2:16 - the mission of Jesus reflected in the slaughter of innocent - God's
           love is best seen in His willingness to sacrifice the innocent Son in the place of wicked mankind.
     Illustration - Husband's wife with Alzheimer's - can't remember pictures of family, but can recognize the person who loves her.


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