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In The Fullness of Time
 In The Fullness of Time - Gal. 4:4,5

Our God does things on time.  Abraham has a son on time.  He delivers His people from Egypt on time.  So it 
should not be surprising that Jesus is born on time.

I.  Fullness of time - Gal. 4:4  70 Weeks prophecy - Dan. 9:24-27
    The time frame (Dan. 9:25) 457 B.C. is the starting point
     From the fall of 457 B.C.
        Baptized (69 weeks) 483 yrs. - Fall of 27 A.D. (Luke 3:1,23) - Jesus is 30 years old.
        Crucifixion (1/2 of 70th week) 3 1/2 years - Spring 31 A.D.
        End of Prophecy 490 years.  Fall 34 A.D.
        Jesus Birth   Fall of 4 B.C.

II.  Redeems those under the law.  Gal. 4:5
     A.) Jesus is born under the law, but born of a woman, not a man - The Creator of the law becomes subject to the law as we
           are and establishes perfect righteousness for us.

     B.) This redemption is explained in Dan. 9:24 
           1) Finish transgression 2) Put an end to sin 3) Atone for wickedness 4) Bring in everlasting righteousness 5) Seal up the 
               vision and prophecy 6) Anoint the Most Holy.

III.  His birth illustrates His divine purpose - Luke 2:6,7
       A.) No room in the inn - thanks to Caesar's taxation plan - His own received Him not John 1:11
       B.) Born in a manger - a feed trough - only clean animals used for sacrifice at the temple.  He is born to die. 
             Substitution is primary.  Example is secondary.
       C.) Wrapped in swaddling clothes - simplifying the perfect righteousness of Christ that stands in the place of 
              our sinfulness, even in birth.
       D.) Pattern of redemptive history - 1) Goes down into Egypt  2) Comes up out of Egypt 3) Like Moses gives the Law (Mt.5,6)
             4) First born dies and Israel delivered.


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