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The Announcements
 The Announcements - Luke 1:8-20, 26-45
     There is high anticipation among the Hebrews for the coming of the Messiah, but ignorant about the prophecies concerning
His birth, especially Daniel 9.  But the Lord, despite the ignorance, announces the arrival of God appointed children.

I.  Gabriel announces to Zechariah Luke 1:8-20
     A.) A son is promised in old age and to be named John vs. 11-13
His mission is explained vs. 14-17.  A prophet of the Most High
     C.) Zechariah questions the promise vs. 18-20

Gabriel announces to Mary.  Luke 1: 26-38
     A.) A promised Son without a human father vs. 26-33
Why does the Messiah have to be born of a virgin?  Anything dedicated to sacred service had to be unused. 
           Thus, He is born of a virgin womb and buried in a virgin tomb.
     B.) He will be called the Son of the Most High
     C.) Mary's question is not unbelief - it is a miraculous conception - vs. 34
The Holy Spirit will conceive - the power of the Most High - vs. 35
Jesus is without inherent selfishness so He can be a perfect substitute even in birth.

III.  Elizabeth announces blessing to Mary  vs. 39-45.  Even the child in the womb leaps for joy.

IV. Gabriel Announces to Joseph Mt. 1:20,21
      A.) Joseph is a man of integrity
      B.) Call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins.

V.  Zechariah announces the blessing of the Messiah vs. 67-75


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