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1. The Triumphant That Weeps
 The Triumphant That Weeps - Luke 19:29-44

Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem was of a special significance for He comes knowing He will die for the sins of the world.

I.  Jesus gives special instructions for the entrance - Luke 19:29-35
     A.) Sent for a mother and her colt.
     B.) If anyone questions it, tell them the Lord has need of them.  Luke 19:31
           These words should be of comfort to those of us who, at times, feel like donkeys - the Lord can still use donkeys!
     C.) Anything for sacred service had to be unused.  Thus Christ is born of a virgin womb and buried in a virgin tomb.
           He rides a colt never before ridden.
     D.) The mother attends her young symbolizing the Jewish church that would yield to the untamed gentile church
            that would be tamed by the gospel.

II.  Jesus' ride is special in significance.  Luke 19:36-40
     A.) It is the only time He rides in triumph and deliberately draws attention to Himself.
     B.) It is the 10th day of the 1st month when the Passover Lamb is separated.  Christ is setting Himself apart.
     C.) It is His last public testimony that He is the Messiah by fulfilling prophecy - Zech. 9:9

III.  When Jesus sees Jerusalem He manifests special sorrow.  Luke 19:41-44
     A.) Jer. 17:24-27 - if faithful Jerusalem would stand forever.
     B.) A motif of barrenness in Mt. 21 - 1.) A fruitless fig tree. 2) A fruitless son who refuses to labor.  3) Fruitless vineyard
     C.) Fruitfulness was God's first blessing in Creation - To the Jew blessing always meant continual multiplication, going on and
           on and on.
     D.) He weeps because profession without possession is meaningless.

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