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2. At A Banquet In Filthy Rags
 At A Banquet In Filthy Rags - Mt. 22:1-13

     Jesus tells a parable three days before He is crucified.  It is a story of a king who has planned a wedding feast and has sent
invitations to people to attend.  This isn't just any wedding.  This is the wedding banquet for the King's Son.

I.  What is the response of those who are invited?
     A.) Some refused to come, vs. 3. - John the Baptist came preaching repentance, but they refused to believe Him.  Mt. 21:23-27, 31,32
           John 3:17:20 - Many are like the Pharisees who harden themselves.
     B.) Some were indifferent, vs. 5.  One went to his field and another to his business.  Lk.21:34; Mt. 16:25,26
     C.) Some mistreated the servants and dilled them, vs. 6 - Mt. 23:37,38

The kings response - vs. 7 - Jesus gives a foretelling hint of the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70. 

The invitation is given to both good and bad to the banquet.  vs. 8-10
        Good - they sense their unworthiness - they just need to be loved.
        Bad - they know they are behaving badly, but redeeming love captures their heart.

The king inspects the guests and finds one without wedding clothes.  vs. 11,12
       A.) The judgment does involve investigation
       B.) You can only survive it by having on wedding clothes.  COL 311
       C.) Without the wedding clothes we are dressed in filthy rags.  


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