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5. Anointed To Be Betrayed
 Anointed To Be Betrayed - Mt. 26:1-16

After the Olivet discourse, Jesus retreats to Bethany, but the religious leaders plot to kill Him.

I.  The plotting of the religious leaders.  Mt. 26:3-5
     A.) They refused to believe - Jn. 12:37; Jn. 12:10,11
     B.) Fear of losing their position - Jn. 11:47,48
     C.) Their plotting had a prophetic intent - Jn. 11:49-53

II.  Jesus is Anointed - Mt. 26:6,7
     A.) At Simon the Leper's house
     B.) A sinful woman anoints Him - John tells us it was Mary the sister of Lazarus.
     C.) Her ointment was worth one year's wages - a narrow neck bottle
     D.) Simon & Judas object.  Lk. 7:39; Jn. 12:4-6
     E.) It was done for His burial and a memorial to her.  Mt. 26:10-13

III.  The plotting of Judas - Mt. 26:14-16
     A.) He sacrifices his integrity for 30 pieces of silver - the price of a slave.
     B.) Cherishing sin hardens the heart from accepting correction.
     C.) Jesus loves him despite his betrayal - He calls him "friend" - Mt. 26:47-50

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