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6. Lifting A Heel Against The Servant
 Lifting A Heel Against The Servant - John 13:21-27

Jesus comes to His most trying hour.  He is soon to agonize for the sins of the world and yet He is calm and in control.

I.  Christ gives instruction for the Passover - Mark 14:12-16
     This is similar to the instruction He gave regarding the colt in His entry to Jerusalem.  Jesus is in control.

II.  Jesus washes their feet - John 13:1-11  Only John records this and of Judas' leaving and yet omits the Lord's Supper.
      A.) No servant present to wash feet
      B.) Jesus started with Judas - DA 645
      C.) The other disciples were humbled
      D.) Jesus declared them clean - John 13:10

III.  Jesus Predicts His betrayer - John 13:18, 21-27
     A.) Jesus waits till the last possible moment to point to Judas as His betrayer.
     B.) The betrayer lifts up his heel - John 13:18
     C.) Betrayal occurs in progressive steps of compromise.  Judas never truly committed himself to Christ.

IV.  Jesus institutes the Lord's Supper - Mt. 26:26-29
     A.) Jesus wants us to remember the cost of our redemption
     B.) He wants us to know His forgiveness is always available to the repentant.
     C.) He wants to assure us a place in God's kingdom.

     Judas left without ever finding the mercy of God and when the storm broke about Jesus, the storm broke Judas.  What will
the final storm do to us?


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