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7. The Last Sermon Of Jesus
 The Last Sermon Of Jesus

     After Judas left the upper room and after instituting the emblems of the Lord's Supper, Jesus gives His last instructions
before His suffering.  It is His last sermon to His disciples.  It is recorded only in John's gospel.

I.  John 14 - Jesus comforts His disciples
                A.) With the promise of His return vs. 1-3
                B.) By revealing the Father vs. 6,7
C.) With the promise of the Holy Spirit vs. 15-18

II.  John 15 -
Jesus invites us to abide in Him - the word abide used 11 times
                A.) We will bear fruit as we are pruned - Gal. 5:22 vs. 1-5
B.) We will be hated and persecuted.  vs. 18-21; John 16:1,2
C.) We will testify of Jesus as the Spirit testifies. vs. 26,27

III.  John 16:5 -
Jesus instructs us of the work of the Holy Spirit
                A.) The Spirit will convict. vs. 6,7
B.) He will guide into all truth. vs. 12-15
C.) He will reveal what is yet to come. vs. 13
D.) He will turn our mourning into joy. vs. 20-22

IV.  John 17 -
The High Priestly prayer of Jesus
                 A.) He prays for Himself. vs. 1-5
B.) He prays for His disciples. vs. 6-19
C.) He prays for all believers. vs. 20-25



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