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8. To The Point Of Death
 To The Point Of Death - Mt. 26:36-38

     Jesus leads His disciples to an olive grove called Gethsemane, meaning, "olive press."  It is probable Christ spent the previous
nights here after entering Jerusalem.  Lk.21:37  Judas would have been familiar with the place.

I.  Jesus Agonizes in the Garden
          A.) Overwhelmed with sorrow - Mt. 26:37,38
          B.) Three days and nights - Mt. 12:40 ⇒John 12:27
          C.) Christ's agony is equaled by the perfect purity of His character - Only a sinless person can have a clear view
                of the awfulness of sin and God's hatred of it.
          D.) He agonizes in becoming sin for us.  2 Cor. 5:21  His struggle is in accepting the reckoning of sin and the Father's
                righteous judgment for sin so that the perfect righteousness could be reckoned to us who believe in Him.

II.  A Great Controversy in the Garden
      A.) The disciples succumb to a sleeping stupor
      B.) Jesus sweats drops of blood - Lk. 22: 43,44
      C.) He prays three times - "Not my will, but your will, Father, be done."  DA 690,693
D.) His suffering reflects last events - Mt. 24:15 - the "abomination of desolation" is seen in the idolatry of Judas who has
            become a slave to greed and power.  Judas comes to a place of prayer, a holy place, and betrays Jesus.  Christ's
            probation is shut, He is sealed for His mission and goes through a time of trouble in His trial and crucifixion.

The Arrest of Jesus 
        A.) Betrayed with a kiss
        B.) They fall as dead men. Jn. 18:6
C.) Jesus heals the ear of Malchus - He gives evidence of His divinity.
D.) The disciples run
E.) Mark records a cryptic scene - Mk. 14:51,52 - fleeing from Jesus you leave your covering behind.


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