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9. For Whom The Rooster Crows
 For Whom The Rooster Crows - Luke 22:31-34

     Jesus predicted the denial of Peter and all the disciples abandoned Him.  At the crucial hour of Christ's arrest, Peter lashed
out in violence and Jesus sternly rebuked him.  Given the present situation, they all forsook Him and fled.  Peter followed
from a distance to the palace of the High Priest.  He denies knowing Jesus three times and the rooster crowed twice
before he remembered Christ's words.

Luke 22:31

The crowing was a reminder of his denial - "You will deny Me three times" Luke 22:31 Jesus said, "Satan desires to sift you like wheat" -
     The devil seeks to destroy us.
     * Peter needed to see his weakness 
When we become Christians we begin a war with Satan - Eph. 6:11 & 1 Cor. 10:12
Don't underestimate the enemy, but he is a defeated foe

The Crowing was a reminder of hope - "but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not."
       * When Jesus prays for you , great things happen
       * His intercessory work is critical - SC 64
"You are clean" said Jesus of His disciples

The crowing was a reminder of a task - "when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers"
        * Peter was not like Judas - he did not realize his weakness
        * When we learn from our mistakes we are able to minister to others
        * Our characters are established by the tendency of our words and acts.  SC 57,58

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