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10. As A Lamb Before The Slaughter
 As A Lamb Before The Slaughter - Isa. 53:7

    The trial of Jesus is one of the saddest commentary on human behavior.  It illustrates the worst about man
and the best about God. 
    A demon led mob, arrests Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and leads Him to Annas - the former high priest and
father-in-law to Caiaphas.

A.)  Before Annas - John 18:19-24 Both Annas & Caiaphas are Sadducees - they feared testimonies of His miracles; especially
       ones about Lazarus.  John 12:10,11

Before Caiaphas & Sanhedrin - trial occurs at night - they tried to show Jesus was a blasphemer, thus condemning Him
       before Jews, if they could show He was seditious He would be condemned by Rome.
       Mt. 26:59-66 - Jesus is left to be abused by those in the courtyard until daybreak when the full session of the council
       assembled to make a legal condemnation.  Luke 22:66-71

Before Pilate the first time - Lk. 23:4-6 - He finds no fault in Jesus - but sends Him to Herod.

Before Herod - Lk.23:8,9 - wanted to see a miracle

Before Pilate the 2nd time - "I will chastise Him and release Him." - His wife gives a warning - He offers Barabbas ⇒ Jesus is
       scourged ⇒Soldiers mock and abuse Him with purple robe and crown of thorns ⇒Jesus compared with Barabbas, "Behold 
       the Man."  Mt. 27:20-22 ⇒Scourged a 2nd time and led to be crucified 

Nothing fair about the trial - 1) Sanhedrin at night and not the full session 2) Bribed witnesses 3) Abused before formally
      condemned, and 4) Pilate scourges Christ twice and allows crucifixion to a Man he declared innocent.

II.  The abuse was designed by the devil to provoke Jesus to retaliate - DA 734
        1) It was a temptation - DA 700,703; 2) His submission was evidence of His sinlessness.  1 Peter 2:22,23

He was condemned for who He truly claimed to be - the Son of God, the Christ, the Messiah - His divinity
       is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit - Co - existent and Co-equal from all eternity.  "What shall you do 
       with Jesus, called the Christ?


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