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11. Christ or Barabbas?
 Christ or Barabbas?  Mt. 27:15.26

I.  Bitter opponents unite for a common cause - vs. 18
"out of envy"  Sadducees & Pharisees - John 50-53 Jewish Leaders & Roman Governor were Sabbath observers who conspired;
     they all hated Barabbas, but saw Jesus a greater threat.  It is prophetic of the final conflict when church & state unite.

II. The innocent suffers in the place of the guilty. vs.26; 2 Cor. 5:21
Scourged twice, Mocked, Crown of thorns, then crucified
     Jn. 19:9-11 - "You would have no power over Me if it were not given to you from about."  Gen. 50:20
     Rom. 8:28 God can take worse things to happen in human history and turn it into the greatest blessing to humanity.

We must choose Christ or Barabbas.  vs. 22
What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?
        *The Jewish leaders pass judgment on themselves - vs. 25  Mt. 21:33-44
        * Pilate ignores warning from his wife & prolongs trial though he sees Jesus as innocent.
        * Everything we say or do declares whether we choose Christ or Barabbas.   SC 57,58


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