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12. Whose Cross Was It?
 Whose Cross Was It?  Mark 15:21

Cyrene - a town of North Africa in Libya - many Jews settled there - Acts 6:9 - a synagogue of these Jews accused Stephen.
Can you imagine Simon and his sons journeying to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast?
     As they approach Jerusalem - a sound like a chant - a beat to it - "Crucify!  Crucify!  Crucify!"  - they meet right at the
     city gate only to be swept out again.  Three men being executed, but One especially alluring.

But whose cross was it really?

Simon was "passing by".  - he was actually there by divine appointment.  God used the situation to touch an honest
     worshipper of the true God.

II. "Coming in from the country" - it led him to the cross.  Luke describes a son who leaves home for a far country.  
      God never intended for His children to be scattered abroad. 

III. "On his way" to Passover - The real meaning of Passover was impressed on his mind at Calvary.  The Lamb of God
        that takes away the sin of the world.  DA 25 - He was treated as we deserve - It changed Him forever.

IV. "they forced him to carry the cross" - Simon carries the cross to Calvary, DA 742 but Jesus takes it from there.  
       Man must cooperate with God, but all our efforts must be covered by the justifying blood of Christ.
       Mt. 11:28 Jesus invites us to carry our cross because it is a cross of  1) victory; 2) delight; and 3) bearable

V.  The father of Rufus & Alexander - Rom. 16:13 - known to Mark & likely Christians - The influence of Simon
      and the Ethiopian eunuch.


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