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13. The Three Crosses
 The Three Crosses - John 12:31-33
John 19:17,18 - "In the midst"

I. Cross of condemnation - Lk.23:39
Cursing & swearing - blaming someone else for his dilemma 
    * Bitterness & resentment

II. Cross of repentance - Lk. 23:40-42
Admits his guilt
     * Acknowledges that the sinlessness of Christ is the only cure for the sinfulness of man.  AA 210
What kind of life would he had lived, had he been permitted to live?

Jesus' Cross was the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.
    A.) * The best about God and the worst about man
             7 wounds - Brow pierced with thorns - evil thoughts 
Hands nailed - wrong behavior
             Feet fastened - evil places
             Back scourged - idolatrous gods we carry & for cowardice
             Speared side - in the face of duty and obedience
         *  Marks of the fall - Thorns, Sweat, Cursed, Naked, Sorrow, Separated, Sword of death.  DA 25
    B.)    Answers all the issues of the great controversy
         *  The death of Christ upholds His law and that sinless creatures could (obey) keep it.
         *  The character of God is seen as self-denial & sacrifice.  PP 69,70; Rom. 5:8
It divides between life & death.  It softens or hardens.  
             It brings judgment.  John 3:17,18

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