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1) You Matter to God

     There are many truths about God that are meaningful and enlightening, but none can be more compelling than that you and I matter to God.  This truth is reflective in our Scripture text for today.

I.  He receives sinners - Luke 15:2
    A. People who are revolting to us - terrorists, serial killers, sex offenders, child abusers, drug pushers, and pimps
    B. People who are angry and hypocritical - Luke 7:36-50
    C. People who are proud and unbelieving - John 1:10
    D. People who were trapped in sin - John 8:1-11

II. He tells 3 stories about His passion for the lost - Luke 15:3-32
    A. Lost sheep - Lost coin - Lost sons - look at the effort to restore each one.  He is ever pursuing
    B. Look at the odds - 1 out of 100, 1 out of 10, 1 out of 2, though both are lost, but one is restored
    C. Heaven has a party when one repents - Luke 15:7, 10, 22-24
    D. He even pleads for those who reject His love - Luke 15:28-32

III. The story of Hosea illustrates how much we matter to Him
      A. Hosea marries a prostitute - Hosea 1:2,3
      B. She is unfaithful to Him
      C. He purchases her back - Hosea 3:1-3
      D. Tony Conpolo story - "If I Could Look Through Your Eyes"


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