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2) Choosing God's Will

    Today we present a second wonder of the spiritual world in harmony with religious liberty Sabbath and that is our power of choice.  Our Scripture text illustrates it.

    Theologians debate God's sovereignty versus human free will and choice.  If God is in complete control how does that allow human free choice?  If God is completely sovereign, does that mean He is the cause of sin and tragedy?  No, God's will is not compulsive, that is, by brute force.  Since God is love, then compliance to His will must be by free choice.  The existence of God's law for us is based on our free moral choice.  A law that prohibits what we don't have the ability to do makes the law absurd.

Jesus illustrates God's will in contrast to our free choice.

I.  Matthew 19:16-22 - The rich young ruler - he went away sorrowful.  He had a choice in regards to God's will.
     Matthew 23:37,38 - Jesus desired to gather His children, but they would not.  2 Peter 3:9 - Sin can hinder our
     free choice, that's why we need to be "born again", so that we are truly free to choose God's will.  
     Romans 6:16; Matthew 6:24

II. God's love for us frees us to choose His will and love - 1 John 4:9-11; John 8:34-36; 2 Corinthians 5:14,15;
    Romans 8:28

III. Choices in the final conflict are made by the love of God or the wrath of Satan.  Revelation 13:15


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