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3) Love Without End

    Another wonder of the spiritual world is God's never-ending love.  Our Scripture for today says it all.  But talk is cheap.  Not everyone is convinced of being loved just because someone says so.  God's love for us is unrelenting. 

I.  God's love woos and wins the human heart - Psalm 103:10
    A. The ministry and miracles of Jesus won hearts - Luke 7:11-17
    B. God's love must conquer the barrier of human selfishness - Romans 5:6-8
        1) The love of black members conquered my heart
        2) It took two years to convince Jane

II. Living in God's love - Ephesians 3:16-19
    A. Feeling protected, safe, and approved - 1 John 3:1
    B. Loved even in failures - Lamentations 3:22,23; SC 64
    C. Motivated by love to serve - John 14:15  Rainbow over Racine

III. Our God loves even in the destruction of the wicked.
      Marcion's abridged Bible - a false dichotomy of God's character
      God does not quarentine sin, He destroys it and He carries a sense of loss for all eternity for those
      who should have been in His presence, but are not.


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