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8) The Tell-tale Heart

    Today's wonder of the spiritual world is that God forgives us.  The sermon title is taken from Edgar Allen Poe's short story of a man who commits murder and hides the body.  Law enforcement people come to investigate a scream heard by neighbors.  Finding nothing awry, they sit and talk casually while the murderer's guilty conscience thinks he hears the heartbeat of the murdered victim.  It gets louder in his mind until he confesses his deed.

I.  We have been forgiven an immense debt.  Matthew 18:24; Isaiah 1:18; Romans 4:5-8; Psalm 32:1,2; 1 John 1:9 
    God has provided a just means to forgive.
    Our forgiveness comes at great cost - 1 Peter 1:18-21

II. His forgiveness produces something in us.  GW 161
    A. It makes us humble and contrite - Psalm 51 Story of "Come Back"
    B. It makes us worshipful - Luke 7:47
    C. It turns the direction of our life - John 8:11
    D. It makes us forgiving - Matthew 18:33-35
        No room for resentment and grudges.


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