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11) The Ultimate Deliverance

    We come today to the last in the series, "Wonders of the Spiritual World."  This final wonder is the culmination of all our hopes.  It is the turth that Jesus is coming again for us.  

There is no need to talk to you about the signs of His coming, for you are sons of light.  1 Thessalonians 5:1, 5-10

There is no need to talk to you about the manner of how Jesus will return.  Matthew 24:27  It is visible, audible and personal

I.  The glorious return of Jesus is patterned after the deliverance of the exodus.
     A. Egypt is characterized by: 1) Ignorance of God; 2) Idolatry; 3) Persecution of God's people
     B. Deliverance occured by: 1) Plagues culminating in Passover; 2) Blood on the door posts and lentels;
         3) The sea is parted by an east wind; 4) They sing the song of deliverance.  Exodus 15:1-21

II. There is an exodus from Babylon
     A. A king (Cyrus) comes from the east and conquers Babylon
     B. He dries up the Euphrates River
     C. A remnant returns to the promised land

III. There is a spiritual exodus at Calvary
      A. There is ignorance of God, Idolatry, Persecution
      B. Christ's crucifixion is described as a exodus.  Luke 9:30,31 (Exodon)
      C. By trusting in His death we cross over (exodus) from death to life.  1 Corinthians 5:7; John 5:24;
          Ephesians 2:4-6
- seated in heavenly places

IV. The pattern of exodus at the second coming.
      A. There is ignorance of God, idolatry, and persecution.  Revelation 13
      B. The saints overcome by the blood of the Lamb (Passover Lamb).  Revelation 12:11
      C. Plagues prepare the way for the kings of the earth.  Revelation 16:12
      D. A remnant is saved out of spiritual Babylon.  Revelation 18:4; Isaiah 25:8,9; Psalm 91:14-16
      E. They sing the song of Moses and the Lamb.  Revelation 7:9-11; Revelation 15:2-4 


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