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3) Message of the Remnant
 1) The Gospel - Rev. 10:7; Rev. 14:6 - centered in the cross
  • It refers to justification by faith which is the same as righteousness by faith - the Greek words are identical.
  • It is what Christ has done for us
  • It is a finished and completed work
  • It means to declare righteous - to reckon, to account Rom. 4:2-5
  • It includes the forgiveness of sins
  • It is the basis of our acceptance or standing with God
  • It is by faith alone
  • It never exists without the renewing work of the Holy Spirit
          New Birth is the immediate result of justification, not the cause of it.

Framework of the Gospel

         1) Historical - rooted in the mighty acts of God in human history
         2) Legal - it is forensic - all the metaphors of the court system are applied - it is a judicial verdict - objective
         3) Eschatalogical - in the setting of the final accounting before God - forcing Him in judgment

2) Daniel and Revelation are central to the remnant message.
         A) Chapters 1,3,6,7,8,11 - they all illustrate powers that seek to control the consciences of men
              Dan. 1 - through a reorientation program
              Dan. 3,6 - through threat of death
              Dan. 7,8,11 - through an apostate power that deceives and persecutes for "time, times, and half a time", but in the end,
              God's people are delivered.
         B) Rev. 10 & 11 also illustrate a deceptive and persecuting power occurring for 42 months.
              Rev. 11:1,2 - the measuring the temple symbolizes the vindication and deliverance of the saints and the condemnation of 
              "the beast from the abyss."
Significance of 42 Months

         1) 42 years Israel was in the wilderness after leaving Egypt
         2) 42 camp sites of Israel in the wilderness
         3) 42 months of apostasy in the days of Ahab and Jezebel
         4) Matthew records 42 geneologies of Christ's descendants
         5) Christ ministered to Israel for 42 months

Further Significance

  • 42 months equals 3 1/2 years, 3 1/2 is a broken 7, symbolic of unrest, trouble, and persecution.
  • 6 connotes a deficit, whereas 7 connotes completeness or perfection
  • 42 has two fold symbolism.  First, a reference to the Antichrist, the "man of sin" - missing the mark - the beast of Rev. 13 is 666.  42 is the result of 6x7, a perfection of missing the mark.
  • It is also Messianic - 3x14 - the number 14 is the sum of Hebrew letters of 4-6-4 Daledh-Waw-Daledh - the letters for David
3) A message on the heavenly sanctuary.  Rev. 11:19
          A) Both Daniel and Revelation point to a ministry in a heavenly sanctuary.  Dan. 7:9; Rev. 14:7; Dan. 8:14
          B) This ministry occurs after the rise of Antichrist and involves intercession and judgment.  Dan. 7:8; Dan. 8:9-12
          C) The Book of Revelation is filled with sanctuary imagery.  Rev. 1:12,13; Rev. 4:1,2; Rev. 5:1; Rev. 8:3;
               Rev. 11:1,2,19; Rev. 20:11; Rev. 21:3
          D) The Book of Hebrews emphasizes a ministry in the heavenly sanctuary.  Heb. 8:1-6; Heb. 9:8-12; Heb. 10: 19,20
          E) The ministry of judgment does involve examination of a professed believers work.  Mt. 25:34-40; James 2:12, 14-26
               Rev. 2,3 - The Lord declares He knows the deeds and failings of the seven churches

4) They emphasize the observance of the Ten Commandments, especially the 4th commandment.
         A) There are three purposes of the law.
                    1) An unchangeable, unalterable standard.  Ps. 89:34; Mt. 4:4
                    2) A schoolmaster to lead us to Christ that may be justified by faith.  Gal. 3:24
                    3) Obedience in praise of grace.  II Cor. 5:14,15; Jn. 14:15.  This is not legalism, it is loyalty to God.                    
         B) The roots of the Ten Commandments are seen in the 4th and 5th commandments.  They both existed before sin and the
              other commandments grow out of their (Adam & Eve) awareness of their relationship to the Creator and to one another.  
              Therefore, the commandments are perpetual, immutable and binding.
         C) The Sabbath, particularly, points to God as Creator and is based on a finished work as is the gospel.  Heb. 4:4-11.  The
              Sabbath without the gospel is a burden, but with the gospel it is a blessing.  To the Hebrew, God's blessing always meant 
              continual multiplication - it goes on and on and on.  So when god blessed the 7th day it was a perpetual blessing.  Gen. 2:3

5) They warn of end-time deception.
         A) Some turn from truth to myths.  II Tim. 4:3,4
                     1) Sabbath to Sunday
                     2) Immortality of the soul/Spiritualism
                     3) Secret Rapture
                     4) Evolution vs. Creation
         B) There is spiritual deception - Mt. 24:4,5,10,11,23-26
         C) Apostasy takes place before Jesus returns - II Thess. 2:3,9,10
         D) some may claim sinlessness - I John 1:8
         E) An apostate power brings deception - Rev. 13:11-14

6) They emphasize a relationship with Jesus - John 15:5
         A) They are justified and are being sanctified.  (S.C. 63)
         B) They are contrite and broken - Mt. 21:44 (S.C. 65) Lk. 9:23
         C) Ty follow the Good Shepherd - John 10:14-16; Rev. 14:4


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