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1) Introduction to The Great Controversy
 1) Rev. 12:7-9 - War in heaven - it occurred in a sinless society. 
          Little by little Lucifer indulged the desire for self-exaltation.  He regarded his glory pertaining to himself.  He
          began to covet homage due alone to the Creator.  He aspired to power that was the prerogative  (P.P. 36)
          of Christ alone. Warning only aroused a spirit of resistance.  He allowed his jealousy to prevail and became
          more determined.

2) Issues of the Great Controversy
          1) The character of God - His justice and mercy are parallel tracts of His love
                    A) Does God destroy the innocent with the guilty? Gen. 18:25; P.P. 164,165; P.P. 324,325; P.P. 492                        
                    B) How can God save sinners who are guilty and condemn the devil and the wicked host?  Calvary
                         QOD 672; Rev. 12:10,11
          2) Worship - allegiance and loyalty - obedience motivated by love - Mt. 4:8-10
                     1st four precepts - Who, How, Approach and When of worship
                          The Sabbath is of special value for it is of an allegiance to our Creator and Redeemer
                            Ex. 20:11; Deut. 5:15

          3) Truth - it sanctifies.  It has keeping power from deception.  Jn. 17:17; Jn. 14:6; Jn. 14:8,9; Heb. 1:1-3;
              G.W. 315

          4) True freedom - by trusting in divine wisdom.  Gal. 5:1; Jn. 8:36
                          Free to choose - no obligation

vs. 4 - He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world - before creation
vs. 7 - In Him we have redemption through His blood - focuses on Col.2:15 the cross which is the major event
            in the great controversy
vs. 14 - the "down payment" of our inheritance - it points forward to when the great controversy is over

            This passage takes us from eternity past to eternity future and it talks about the key issues that affect us now.              
            Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?

The why we are here  vss. 9,10 - vs. 9 "the mystery of His will."  Paul not only gives us a scope of human history,
but he gives an insight into the mind of God. 
             vs. 10 - "As a plan for the fulness of times"
      God's plan - Uniting the universe (both heaven and earth) in Christ, this is the core purpose of the great controversy.

          1) An expansive view of God's purpose
          2) How to reconcile with the remnant
          How God will use the Remnant to fulfill that expansive purpose.  Rev. 12:17



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