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Dietary Hope for Rheumatoid Arthritis - Dr. Galen Comstock

It is a disease far from being controlled. Modern medicine fights to give patients relief. It seems to make painful inroads on its subjects, even with extensive medical intervention. Rheumatoid arthritis has left its disfiguring marks on the joints of millions, and leaves millions more to cope with fearful side effects of powerful drugs. Some doctors say that the only hope for rheumatoid arthritis patients is a drastic change in diet. While some joints may never be restored to normal functioning almost every inflamed joint will experience a marked improvement from lifestyle change.


In this study evaluated the influence of a 4-week, very low-fat (approximately 10%), vegan diet on 24 subjects with rheumatoid arthritis. Pre-study and post-study assessment of Rheumatoid Arthritis symptomatology was performed by a rheumatologist. Biochemical measures and 4-day diet data were also collected. Subjects met weekly for diet instruction, compliance monitoring, and progress assessments. All measures of RA symptomatology, decreased significantly, except for duration of morning stiffness. Weight also decreased significantly. Laboratory results for inflammatory markers proved one thing—inflammation subsided. At 4 weeks, C-reactive protein decreased 16%, and RA factor decreased 10%. This study is consistent with other studies that demonstrate a decrease in laboratory inflammatory markers when a vegan diet is followed. Rheumatoid arthritis in quite a few food experiments show relief of symptoms by eliminating certain foods from the diet, especially animal products.