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2 - A King of Terror
    Have you ever had nightmares?  How about having a vivid dream and when you wake up you can't remember what you dreamed?  Nebuchadnezzar had his experience.

I.   Nebuchadnezzar has a dream - Daniel 12:1,2 
     A.  This dream has divine origin - the fact the king could not remember the dream was also in the
           divine plan.
     B.  Why give a dream to a pagan king?  Numbers 12:6 God reveals His purposes to His prophets.  
           Daniel 1:17
     C.  This was a divine setup.
           1) God was seeking to use His prophet
           2) God was seeking the heart of a pagan king and His people

II.  Nebuchadnezzar seeks explanation.  Daniel 2:2-10
     A.  His astrologers are helpless - the occult is real, but limited
     B.  The king's fury declares a death decree - vss. 5,12,13
     C.  He is a symbol of the "Anti-Christ"

III.  God raises up Daniel - vss. 14-16
     A.  A test of faith
     B.  The urgency of prayer - vss. 17,18
     C.  God answers the prayer of faith vs. 19


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