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3 - A Kingdom Without End
    Daniel 2 is a prophecy and a narrative.  It is a story of how God has intervened in behalf of His people in Babylon to reveal His divine purposes to a pagan king through His prophet Daniel.  He gives a dream that reveals His sovereignty over the kingdoms of earth.

I.   He is a sovereign God - Daniel 2:20,21
     A.  By setting up kings and removing them - vs. 21 - and without manipulation
     B.  By revealing deep and hidden things - vs. 22 - through His prophet Daniel - other wise men could not
     C.  By revealing mysteries - vs. 28"what will be in the latter days"

II.   The details of the dream - vss. 31-35
     A.  A statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron, iron & clay
     B.  A rock cut out without hands
     C.  The rock smashes the statue at the feet
     D.  The rock became a huge mountain and filled the earth

III.  The interpretation of the dream - vss. 36-44
     A.  Successive empires - the metals depreciate in value, but appreciate in hardness.  The succeeding
           empires lack the splendor of Babylon, but exceed in cruelty and dominance.  The elements of
           Babylon are seen in all empires
     B.  God will raise up a Deliverer from the kingdoms of this world.  "Cut out without hands" - no human
           devising - Christ is born of a virgin without a human father
     C.  Christ and His kingdom will defeat all the kingdoms of the earth.
           It smashes the image at the feet - "in the days of those kings" vs. 44; Matthew 16:18
     D.  His kingdom will reign supreme and will never end - "it fills the whole earth" vs. 35

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