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4 - The Mountain That Filled The Earth

    Daniel has faithfully revealed the mystery of the dream to the king.  The details are made understandable, but there is more to be said, for chapter 2 is the seed to understand the later chapters.  It gives us the clues to understand the mystery of God's will.

I.    "A stone cut out without hands" - Daniel 2:34a - Ephesians 1:7-14
     A.  It is a divine initiative - our redemption was accomplished without our efforts.  He reveals the heart of
           the Father for a fallen race.  He makes clear the self-sacrificing heart of God.
     B.  It occurs "in the days of those kings" (Daniel 2:44) - Christ is born during the reign of the 4th kingdom.
     C.  "When the times have reached their fulfillment" - Ephesians 1:10; Daniel 2:21 says God changes
           "times and seasons."  Galatians 4:4
     D.  Christ established a kingdom of grace and glory - Mark 1:14,15; Hebrews 1:1
           The "last days" came legally in Christ - Inaugurated and consummated eschatology.

II.  The "stone smashes the image" (Daniel 2:34b)
     A.  Nebuchadnezzar sought to make Babylonians out of the Hebrews, but God preserved a remnant.
     B.  Construction of Daniel 2 - Hebrew to Aramaic to Hebrew - captivity to restoration.
     C.  Daniel 8 focuses on the restoration (mitsdaq) of the sanctuary.
     D.  This restoration involves judgment and correlates to the stone smashing the image.  It is judgment
           coupled with deliverance and restoration.
     E.  The stone is seen in Matthew 21:43,44 - to fall on the stone is to be delivered and restored.  
           For the stone to fall on you is to bring judgment.

III.  The "stone became a huge mountain" - (Daniel 2:35) - Ephesians 1:10
     A.  Our Savior is gathering to Himself all who hear His voice (John 10:16,27,28) and are circumcised
           of heart (Romans 2:29)
     B.  If He is "lifted up", He will draw - John 12:32
     C.  All bow before Jesus (Philippians 2:10,11)
     D.  All enemies are under His feet.  1 Corinthians 15:21-26 - Genesis 3:15

     We can fall on the stone or the stone will fall on us.

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