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6 - A Statement of Faith
    Some people make statements of opinions.  Some make fashion statements.  Some athletes make a statement by the way they perform.  But the story of Daniel 3 is illustrative of the final conflict and every child of God will have to make a statement of their committment to their Savior.

I.   "Our God" - something personal and intimate.  If they had said, "the God of Abrham, Isaac, and Jacob" or "the God of Israel" they would have been correct, but it was personal for them (John 17:3).

II.  "Whom we serve" - their allegiance is not lip service, they serve their God - a service of love (John 14:15) G.C.493; Revelation 12:11; Revelation 2:10.  Our God wants to see loyalty and faithfulness in us.

III.  "Our God whom we serve is" - He is the ever present God.  Not the God of the past or of the future, though He knows the past and the future.  Exodus 3:13,14 - "I Am That I Am." - The devil would seek to make God irrelevant.  August Comte - the Age of positivism - Psalms 90:2

IV.  "Able to deliver us" - our extremity is our God's opportunity - Psalms 34:7; Psalms 50:15; Psalms 91:14-16; John 11:25

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