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9 - Cyrus - My Anointed Shepherd

     The description of the fall of the empire of Babylon in Daniel 5 is a type of the fall of spiritual Babylon in the Book of Revelation.  The main character that brought the demise of ancient Babylon was Cyrus and it is particularly, tho him we want to pay attention today.  For he is a type of Christ and his actions conquering Babylon and delivering God's people are a type of God's deliverance of His people from spiritual Babylon.

     But first, let's understand the cause of Babylon's fall.

I.  Why Babylon falls - a) Pride - Daniel 5:22,23  b) Self-indulgent in diet and morals  c) Treat the sacred as unholy - Hebrews 10:29 d) Makes the law of no effect  e) In the final conflict God's holy day is substituted for an unholy one.

II.  God fortells of a deliverer.   Isaiah 45:13
     A.  He is the Lord's anointed shepherd - Isaiah 44:28 & Isaiah 45:1
           Cyrus' name means "sun"
     B.  He comes from the east - Isaiah 41:2,25  Exodus 14:19-22
     C.  He will rebuild Jerusalem and the temple - Isaiah 44:28
     D.  He will set the exile free "without price" - Isaiah 45:13
     E.  He will cause Babylon to fall by drying up the Euphrates - Revelation 16:12
           The river was the source of support for Babylon

III.  God gives a merciful message to those in Babylon - Revelation 18:1-5
     A.  Babylon cannot be reformed, so we must separate from it
     B.  It is a decision message to stand for what is holy and in allegiance to the law of God.
           Similar to Mt. Carmel - 1 Kings 18:21
     C.  Our spiritual "Cyrus" will save a remnant who are faithful and loyal to Him - Revelation 7:13-17

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