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10 - Tempted While Everyone Is Watching
     We come to the final chapter of the historical narrations and it would be good to review the pattern of the chapters.  They consist as three pairs; 2 & 7; 4 & 5; 3 & 6.  Chapters 3 & 6 show God's omni-presence and to save and deliver those faithful to Him.  Chapters 4 & 5 show how God can humble the pride of rebel rulers.  There is a progression in these chapters.  Chapter 3, Nebuchadnezzar demands homage for his image, in chapter 4 he advances in self-glorification, in chapter 5 there is open opposition in defiant blasphemy.  There is a progression in testing of believers.  The three Hebrews refused worship of the image, but Daniel refuses to omit worship of the true God.  The prophetic chapters 2 & 7 show the same issues on a worldwide scale.  Chapter 1 is a prologue to these chapters.

I.  The reputation of Daniel - Daniel 6:1-4
    A.  Darius sought to promote Daniel - vs. 3
    B.  He was trustworthy and neither corrupt or negligent - vs. 4
    C.  His character is a type of Christ and of God's last day people
    D.  Our characters are established by the consistent trend of life

II.  Jealousy breeds persecution - vss. 4 & 5
    A.  Could not find fault in government affairs, so sought it with the law of his God - vs. 5
    B.  By conspiracy civil government enforces law that conflicts with conscience - vss. 6-9
    C.  Daniel is condemned for his allegiance and worship - vss. 10, 11
    D.  Revelation 13 portrays the same issues

III.  God's great protection and deliverance - vss. 17-23
    A.  Daniel is placed in the lions den with a stone and seal on his grave - vs. 17
    B.  The lion's mouths are shut - vs. 22 (Psalms 30:5)
    C.  Judgment on those conspired - vs. 24
    D.  Daniel prospered - vs. 28

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