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11 - The Parade of the Beasts
    The vision of Daniel 7 occurs before the fall Babylon described in chapter 5.  So the prophetic elements revealed to Daniel are given before historical account of Babylon's fall.  This chapter is also linked to chapter 2.  In chapter 2 the political upheaval is portrayed to solicit Nebuchadnezzar's cooperation with God's purposes.  Chapter 7 focuses on the people of God in relation to the rise and fall of empires.

I.   The source of these beasts.  Daniel 7:2
         4 winds stirs the sea and 4 beasts arise out of it.  Revelation 17:15

II.  The characteristics of the beasts.  Daniel 7:4-7
     A.  They are predators - Lion, Bear, Leopard, Terrible Beast
     B.  Each beast is more ferocious than the preceding one - a progression of aggression
     C.  Each beast has its own characteristics
           1) Lion - with eagles wings, wings are removed, heart of a man in a lion
           2) Bear - raised on one side, 3 ribs in its mouth
           3) Leopard - 4 wings and 4 heads
           4) Terrible beast - iron teeth, trampled underfoot, 10 horns
           5) A little horn rises among the 10 horns 

III.  The Little Horn is an antagonist of God and His people.  Its power and defiance is 
      greater than all that preceeded it.

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