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12 - The Reign of the Little Horn

    Daniel 7 parallels Daniel 2 with the rise and fall of empires.  Daniel 2 is written from a political and military viewpoint.  Daniel 7 is written from Heaven's perspective.  It focuses on, particularly, on the 4th beast and a "little horn" power that arises out of it.  The chapter focuses on the "little horn" because this power challenges God's sovereignty and oppresses God's people.  To understand the little horn is to have a better grasp of how our God will bring about the kingdom of God and the eternal establishment of His sovereignty.

I.  The time of the "little horn"
     A.  It is part of the 4th beast - Rome
     B.  It rises at a time when the 4th beast is diminished
     C.  It conquers three kings - vs. 24
     D.  It exists before and during the judgment
     E.  Its supremacy is for a "time, times and half a time"  Revelation 12:6,14 

II.  The identity of the "little horn"
     A.  A small beginning but becomes dominant
     B.  Uproots three horns on the 4th beast - its roots in Rome
           Heruli - 493 A.D.   Vandals - 534 A.D.   Ostrogoths - 538 A.D.
     C.  It is blasphemous  Luke 5:21  John 10:33 - It is a religious-political power
     D.  It reigns in supremacy for "time, times and a dividing of time"  Revelation 12:6,14
     E.  It persecutes the saints during the 1260 years
     F.  This points solely to the Roman Papacy - "thinks to change times and laws."  Tradition
           is equal authority to Scripture even when it contradicts Scripture

III.  The end of the "little horn."  - Daniel 7:21,22; Daniel 7:26,27
           The saints are vindicated and the little horn's power is taken away and ultimately destroyed
           and the saints possessed the kingdom God demonstrates His sovereignty through the judgment.

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